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Be Proactive About the Condition of Your HVAC System

Schedule regular HVAC maintenance in Lynchburg & Appomattox, VA and surrounding counties

Your HVAC system is a luxury you can't afford to live without. If you wait to be surprised when your unit breaks down, you'll also wait to get it repaired. Even a day or two without heating or cooling can be extremely uncomfortable. Get regular HVAC maintenance for your Lynchburg & Appomattox, VA home.

Turn to R&R Heating and Cooling, LLC when you need a contractor you can trust to ensure the continued health and well being of your HVAC system. We have over 15 years of HVAC service experience. Call today to receive a free estimate.

Earn peace of mind with preventive HVAC service

Catching early signs of damage and staying on top of HVAC maintenance will save you money with a more efficient system. It will also ensure clean and circulating air in your household at all times.

Schedule a minimum of two appointments a year, or choose more frequent checks. If we notice any needed repairs, you'll get 10% off your service cost. Speak with us today to learn more about our HVAC service plans in Lynchburg & Appomattox, VA and surrounding counties.